Until eight years ago I played bass in various bands, first in the Netherlands and later in France. Now I make music with the help of the computer - my 'virtual band' in which I sing, play bass and keyboards (midi controller*). On several songs friends play along: Olivier Leani - drums, Ron de Groot - guitar, Michel Pagie - synthesizer and Rhodes, Felipe Solomon - guitar and John Towner - alto saxophone.  My daughter Nina sings in 'She walks alone', 'I don 't want to fall in love again' and 'Sensualité'.

Tot acht jaar geleden was ik bassist in verschillende bands, eerst in Nederland en later in Frankrijk. Nu maak ik muziek met behulp van de computer - mijn 'virtuele band' waarin  ik zing, bas en keyboards (midi controller*) speel. Op een aantal nummers spelen bevriende muzikanten: Olivier Leani - drums, Ron de Groot - gitaar, Michel Pagie - synthesizer en Rhodes, Felipe Solomon - gitaar en John Towner - alt saxofoon. Mijn dochter Nina zingt in 'She walks alone', ' I don't want to fall in love again' en 'Sensualité'.

I get by with a little help from my friends...